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arrowaWarlords Season 3 Vicious War Wolf         

1.Reward from completing achievements to win 75 Rated Battlegrounds.
2.You can get the title: Veteran of the Horde.
3.This is for Horde side.
4.Estimated time:1 Week

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arrowaChampion's Strongbox         

Defeat the Alliance/Horde at the event locations in Ashran and kill Grand Marshal Tremblade/High Warlord Volrath.
Grand Marshal Tremblade/High Warlord Volrath slain Event victory (4)
1.You will receive: Champion's Strongbox. You will get lvl710 gear*1, that is 1250-2250 conquest points will be saved.
2.You need to provide your account.
3.Estimated time:1day

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