WOW newly increased rare elite monster

You can see this rare monster seems to be different from the past— well, riding a Triceratops. But getting rid of it is not a difficult thing. You can just randomly group two people, or only a strong solo, you can kill it.You also can buy WOW gold online.

However, in view of the fall of this rare elite monster, 5.2 edition on the line must be the object of everyone competing to kill. Because the mount — (Direhorn) will fallen off! And not only one, but four! (just some color difference)

In addition, a badge of 1,000 points will be fallen which can increase the prestige of every faction. account binding,WOW gold, low-level essential.

Besides, it will also drop material bags: you can find Enchanting materials in blue bags, some ores and auspicious particles in green bags.

In order to get the mount and prestige badge, that’s enough to have a reason to get rid of cheap WOW gold. You can find it in the coasts of Pandaria land. But it is unknown currently whether all five points are refreshed or 5 points randomly refresh one.

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